The Association has made a top priority of becoming involved in environmental protection and conservation and generating positive impact in the local and regional community.

To this aim, our members have analysed and reported on highly relevant topics, such as: development projects leading to the alteration/destruction of natural ecosystems, defective forest management in national and natural parks, the destruction of old-growth forests, and other projects with significant negative environmental impact, bringing these issues to the attention of authorities and decisión-makers.

These activities require both the ability and the competence to conduct objective analyses with pertinent conclusions and recommendations, as well as the willingness to take a stand as academics and professionals invested in preserving the integrity and functionality of natural landscapes and environments.

Listed below is a selection of the reports elaborated by AGAG on a range of pressing national-scale, regional and local environmental issues.

Raport privind lucrarile speciale de conservare a arboretelor – o cale de distrugere a padurilor cu functie de protectie si a padurilor seculare din Parcul National Muntii Rodnei

Raport privind functionarea ilegala a Carierei de marmura Valea Secii – Anies din cadrul PNMR

Punct de vedere asupra Raportului de evaluare a amplasamentului depozitului ecologic de deseuri din pasul Mestecanis - 2022

Consideratii stiintifice privind amplasarea, construirea si functionarea depozitului de deseuri din pasul Mestecanis, Suceava - 2022

Raport privind functionarea parcurilor nationale si naturale din Romania - disfunctionalitati si prioritati - 2020

Raport de evaluare a prezentei si activitatii online a parcurilor nationale si naturale din Romania - 2020

Raport privind taierile de arbori din bazinul Ceremus - muntii Jupania din PN Muntii Maramuresului - 2020

Petitie MMAP si ANANP privind evaluarea conformitatii activitatii parcurilor nationale si naturale din Romania - 2020

Raspuns ROMSILVA la petitia adresata de AGAG

Raport privind necesitatea conservarii sitului stiintific de importanta internationala Taul Muced din PN Muntii Rodnei - 2019

Raport privind dinamica negativa a efectivului de capre negre din Parcul National Muntii Rodnei - 2016

Sesizare Directia Silvica Suceava privind lucrari neautorizate cu impact major in situl ROSPA0089 - lacul Iezer, Sadova - 2014