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Fluturica Guesthouse

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Fluturica Guesthouse is located in the Carpathian Mts at 1220 m asl, more specifically in Tibau Mts, in the vicinity of Rodna Mts National Park.

The guesthouse consists of a traditional wooden house which used to belong to a peasant (Hutzul farmer) and has been fully restored and provided with modern-day facilities by us, as well as two additional buildings, one of which has also been restored and repurposed by local woodwork craftsmen.

The inhabitable perimeter comprises a main house (traditionally decorated), a summerhouse with terrace, including a large fireplace/barbecue and dining area, and a large renovated old wooden barn which can be used for accommodation, dining and relaxation purposes due to its spa area (large traditional wooden pool).

The houses are built of old manually-processed timber, whereas the roofs are made of wooden shingles produced by local artisans using an ancient technique. The interiors are decorated traditionally using solely original handmade items, including furniture and textiles.

Bio, traditional products such as milk, cheese, eggs, meat, mushrooms, forest fruits (different kind of berries) are available locally.

The space

The guesthouse is a genuine ‘museum’ located in a pristine Carpathian region surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape. The only farmer living in the proximity can provide everyone who visits Fluturica with traditional eco products.

 The place is very quiet and visitors have full intimacy here. The outdoor stretches over 10 ha and comprises a little pond and a 20 meters high rock that offers a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. Our guests can relax in a hammock or walk everywhere in the area using our maps and trails.

We can accommodate you to take part in observing or engaging in traditional farm activities with local farmers. One of the main activities consists of cutting the grass using a scythe, which can be undertaken by the entire family. Two friendly shepherd dogs (Viorica and Negruta) and a malamute puppy (Sasha) will be sharing the outdoor spaces with you. The pets are very welcoming and children are typically happy to explore the beauty of the surroundings and to play.

We can accommodate between 20 and a maximum of 25 persons at Fluturica Guesthouse. The buildings are structured as follows:

  • The main house consists of a ground floor and an attic floor. The first floor comprises a hallway and 2 large rooms (of which one also serves as a kitchen, as in an old traditional household) which can accommodate 5 (or even 6 persons if necessary) and have separate access to a large bathroom equipped with toilet, shower cabin with hot water and a washing machine, and ample storeroom. The attic is decorated and furnished in wood, has its own fireplace/stove, and can accommodate up to 6 persons.
  • The barnhouse is a renovated old barn made of wooden logs which has been newly finished and decorated. It consists of an ample living room/dining room with handcrafted metal stove/fireplace and an extensible sofa, and a half-attic which can accommodate up to 8 persons. The living space has access to a bathroom with toilet and shower cabin, a spa area equipped with a large wooden tub and a sauna (the latter not yet in use).
  • The summerhouse is the newest building of the ensemble and comprises a living space for the host and a dining area and large barbecue for guests, with access to running water, cooking utensils and kitchenware.

The location is very suitable for visitors who are interested in the traditional activities and way of life in this area, trekking in the mountains or simply enjoying life in the mountain countryside like it used to be, of course with a modern twist and full intimacy provided.

Guest access

You have access to both houses and to every room. You have full intimacy inside and outside the houses. You have a garden of 1 ha covered by mountain flowers whole summer (some of them protected by law). You have a generous (like a fireplace) BBQ in the summerhouse. The village is within 60 min walking distance along a picturesque path. It can also be reached by bike within 20 min.

Interaction with guests

Yes, I am very willing to help and to assist my guests during their staying. Also I am international guide and a geographer and collaborator with national parks around (Rodna, Maramures, Calimani Mountains).

Other things to note

Its a place with full of privacy where you can feel the nature by yourself. Also we can meet the farmer and to ask for bio- food. You can pick up forest fruits and mushrooms (Boletus edulis). You can ply with the friendly dog, ride my horse and enjoy the silence and landscape around.

Leisure activities available at Fluturica:

  • Hiking in the Tibau mts, where the guesthouse is located, or in the neighboring Rodna mts, Suhard mts, Maramures mts etc.
  • Skiing – available at Carlibaba, Mestecanis, Prislop and Borsa.
  • Sleighing – locally or in the aforementioned ski tracks.
  • Horse sleighing – locally, between Fluturica and Carlibaba, the nearest village.
  • Horse riding – locally or at Lucina, in the neighboring area.
  • Climbing – in the entire area surrounding Fluturica guesthouse, which is located in a landscape carved on limestone, or in the neighboring mountains.
  • Fishing – on Bistrita Aurie, renowned for its trout (fly fishing) and tributaries Tibau and Carlibaba.
  • Traditional household/farming activities – in our neighbors’ farms and Fluturica household. Other activities can be arranged on request.
  • Wild animals and birds watching – in the entire area, considering the location of the guesthouse at the heart of the Northern Romania Carpathians, which are recognized as a wildlife sanctuary.
  • Wild berry and mushroom picking – especially abundant in the vicinity of the guesthouse are cranberries, blueberries and Boletus mushrooms.
  • Nature/landscape photography, etc.
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Cable TV
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Indoor fireplace
A table or desk with space for a laptop and a chair that’s comfortable to work in
Towels, bed sheets, soap, and toilet paper
Pots and pans, oil, salt and pepper
Space where guests can cook their own meals
Coffee Maker
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