The Carpathian Interdisciplinary Research Center is located in the Carpathian Mts at 1220 m asl, more specifically in Tibau Mts, in the vicinity of Rodna Mts National Park. The center is based in a traditional wooden house which used to belong to a peasant (Hutzul farmer) and has been fully restored and provided with modern-day facilities by us. The inhabitable perimeter comprises a main house (traditionally decorated), a summerhouse with terrace, including a large fireplace and dining area, and a large renovated old wooden barn which can be properly used for research. The houses are built of old manually-processed timber, whereas the roofs are made of wooden shingles produced by local artisans using an ancient technique. The interiors are decorated traditionally using solely original handmade items, including furniture and textiles. Bio, traditional products such as milk, cheese, eggs, meat, mushrooms, forest fruits (different kind of berries) are available locally.

The space

The guesthouse is a genuine ‘museum’ located in a pristine Carpathian region surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape. The only farmer in the proximity can provide everyone who visits the center with traditional eco products. The place is very quiet and visitors have full intimacy here. The outdoor stretches over 10 ha and comprises a little pond and a 20 m high rock that offers a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. Our guests can relax in a hammock or walk everywhere in the area using our maps and trails. We can accommodate you to take part in observing or engaging in traditional farm activities with local farmers. One of the main activities consists of cutting the grass using a scythe, which can be undertaken by the entire family. Two friendly shepherd dogs (Viorica and Negruta) and a malamute puppy (Sasha) will be sharing the outdoor spaces with you. The pets are very welcoming and children are typically happy to explore the beauty of the surroundings and to play.

We can accommodate between 20 and a maximum of 25 persons at CIRC. The location is very suitable for hosting summer schools or student field trips for groups fitting into that range.

Research activities

The research center is located in area which is highly suitable for various research activities in scientific fields such as:

  • paleolimnology (due to the significant number of glacial and periglacial lakes in the neighboring mountain areas)
  • glacial geomorphology
  • karst and cave records (as the site overlies a limestone area)
  • forestry (distribution, disturbance, management, deforestation, virgin forests, other forest-related topics)
  • mountain environment
  • climate change (present and past)
  • vegetation history (based on lacustrine and peat bog sediments)
  • ecology and biodiversity (as the area ranks among the most diverse within the Romanian Carpathians)
  • geology (structural, lithological, tectonic and hydrogeology)
  • large carnivore studies (bears, wolfs, lynx)
  • ethnography, folklore, and cultural studies of mountain populations
  • local cuisine and old mountain traditions
  • mountain migration
  • traditional agriculture and farming
  • land use / land cover structure and changes
  • practices and management in Romanian national parks, etc.

We can provide the necessary space, security and the possibility to carry out and supervise regular measurements for environmental monitoring in the area (air, water, soil), for present-day geomorphic processes (erosion, discharge, creep etc.) or for forest, fauna and flora studies.

Furthermore, we can provide research assistance and advice. Guests will have our support for field trips and basic equipment available for field activities (e.g. corers, 4×4 cars, boats, water & air measurements tools etc.) and laboratory (microscope, analytical balance, oven, sample refrigerator, sample preparation bench etc.).

Other leisure activities: hiking, skiing, sleighing, horse sleighing, horse riding, climbing, fishing, paragliding, traditional household/farming activities, wild animals and birds watching, nature/landscape photography, etc.

Our website:

Chair of the research center,

Marcel Mindrescu, PhD, Habil.
President of Geoconcept Association
Assistant Prof. at Geography Department, University of Suceava, Romania Member of Scientific Steering Committee of Science for Carpathians (S4C)
Leader of Carpathian Climate and Environment Working Group (PAGES)
Member of Scientific Council of Rodna Mountains National Park, RO

phone: +40742051475

This research center is supported by:
Geoconcept Association
Science for Carpathians (S4C)
Past Global Changes (PAGES)